Halogen Free / Low Smoke Heat Shrink Tubing

Halogen free tubing on a bulk spool

The FiniTUBE SHF product range is manufactured from special halogen free (zero halogen), low smoke Polyolefin heatshrink tubing.

It produces neither toxic smoke or harmful substances if burnt.  It is ideal for smoke sensitive areas including public buildings, hospitals, railways and airports.

FiniTUBE SHF is a flame retardant, flexible, single wall heat shrink with a 2:1 shrinkage ratio.

With an operating temperature range of -30°C to +125°C, it is resistant to gasoline, hydraulic fluid and lubricating oils.

FiniTUBE SHF is also UV stabilised making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Available from 1.2mm to 25.4mm internal supplied diameter.

Supplied in Black, unprinted on bulk spools.

FiniTUBE SHF datasheet. pdf icon