Fibre Optic Fusion Splice Protector Sleeves

Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protector Sleeves
Splice Protector sleeves are used in the fibre optic industry to strengthen and protect fibre optic splices during installation.

Approved by Telcordia (previously Bellcore), BT (British Telecom) and many other organisations, our Fibre Optic Splice Sleeves are available in a wide range of types and sizes. A large range is held in stock at our distribution centre for immediate delivery.

Why choose our Splice Sleeves?

  • Fast Installation: Sleeves are pre-shrunk for quick application
  • Accurate Assembly: The single opening for the fibre improves accuracy and reliability
  • Fibre Protection: With fully encapsulated and centred pins
  • Better sealing: The adhesive liner bonds to the fibre instantly, providing a reliable seal

Bellcore/Telcordia certified

Splice sleeve oven and vernier
How are the Splice Sleeves Constructed?

The sleeves are made from RoHS-compliant materials. The tough construction consists of :
  • a strengthening member to provide rigidity and prevent bending or breaking,
  • a heat-meltable adhesive liner which eliminates air and moisture
  • a heat shrinkable outer tube which fully encapsulates the splice.

These sleeves were first manufactured by our parent company, FinishAdapt in 1993.

Custom Fibre Optic Splice Sleeves

As the foremost manufacturer in the field we are also pleased to produce bespoke Fibre Optic Splice Protector Sleeves to suit your requirements.

Visit the FinishAdapt website for more information.