Frequently Asked Questions

What is heat shrink tubing made from?
Our heat shrink tubing is a high quality product manufactured from irradiation cross-linked Polyolefin which is a comprehensive name for vinyl based polymer materials including polyethylene, polypropylene and EVA. 

What is irradiation cross-linking?
This is a special process utilising a powerful electron beam accelerator (accelerated electrons in a vacuum) and creates structural changes in the material to improve properties and performance. In particular irradiation cross-linked heat shrink improves tensile and impact strength, solvent, chemical and abrasion resistance, and improves stability, memory and durability of the material.

How do I shrink the tubing?
We recommend that you use a heat gun (hot air).

What colours are available?
Our range includes twelve different colours, including the EU Harmonised colours:  Black, blue, brown, grey, red, yellow, green, white, orange, violet, yellow/green and clear.  We can also manufacture special colours to customer’s requirements, subject to minimum order quantities.

How do I order and pay?
We like to receive written orders by email, fax or post.  We have several payment methods including credit/debit card, bank transfer and credit account, subject to references.  For full details please refer to our Orders page

Can I buy small quantities?
Yes, however we have a minimum order value of just £50.

What is the carriage charge?
Delivery is free to most areas of the UK. Carriage outside the UK is charged at cost.

How soon can you deliver?
We hold stock of the vast majority of our standard products in all sizes and colours.  We use express couriers that normally deliver on the next working day to most UK locations.

Can I have a sample?
We are pleased to supply small free samples for you to evaluate before you place an order with us.  Please contact us with your request.

Do you give discounts?
We supply OEM’s, wholesaler’s, trade customers and individuals and have a pricing structure based on quantity discounts.  Please contact us for our price-list.

What shrinkage ratio’s are available?
Heat shrink tubing sizes are specified in terms of internal diameter of the tubing.  The ‘Supplied Diameter’ is the internal diameter when in the initial ‘expanded’ state (unshrunk).  The ‘Shrunk Diameter’ is the maximum internal diameter when ‘fully recovered’ (shrunk).  Generally heat shrink tubing is available with three shrink ratio’s:

2:1   The tubing shrinks (recovers) to half its size (eg  10mm to 5mm).
This is used for normal general purpose applications.

3:1   The tubing shrinks (recovers) to a third of its size (eg 12mm to 4mm).
Used to cover large bore differences such as harnesses.

4:1   The tubing shrinks (recovers) to a quarter of its size (eg 16mm to 4mm).
Used in more specialist applications with large bore differences such as covering pre-assembled connector assemblies.

Heat shrink with larger shrink ratio’s can be manufactured to order, subject to minimum order quantities. 

Why are there different wall thicknesses?
There are several types of wall thickness which generally increases in size with an increase in diameter.  Single Wall is the normal general purpose type consisting of a single wall of material.  Ultra Thin Wall has a very thin wall for use in restricted spaces such as electronic components and high density wiring connections.  Dual Wall (or Adhesive Lined) consists of standard heat shrink outer with an adhesive liner used for moisture protection and sealing.

What is the shelf life of heat shrink tubing?
Generally the shelf life of the tubing is unlimited when the storage temperature is below 40ºC and away from direct sunlight. 

What Approvals does the heat shrink tubing have?
Most of the products are UL approved. See the detailed datasheets for full information. MIL-spec products can also be supplied to order.