Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable Moulded End Caps

Heatshrink moulded end caps
For sealing the ends of cables to protect against moisture, dirt and corrosion by providing a waterproof protective seal. Also used to seal the ends of ropes to prevent fraying.

Our FiniTUBE MEC has a Polyolefin heat shrinkable outer and is internally coated with hot-melt adhesive.

Tough construction suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. UV and weather resistant.

Each End Cap can cover a wide range of cable sizes and are supplied in sizes from 12 to 200 mm internal diameter.

Excellent electrical and mechanical protection.

Shrinkage temperature (using a hot air gun): +120°C
Dielectric strength: 15kV/mm
Tensile strength: 11 Mpa
Colour: Black

RoHS & REACH Compliant

FiniTUBE MEC datasheet. pdf icon