Diesel / Fuel Resistant, High Temperature
Heat Shrink Tubing

Diesel Resistant heat shrink tubing on a bulk spool

The FiniTUBE SHDR product range is manufactured from a special formulation of radiation cross-linked elastomeric heat-shrinkable tubing.

This product has excellent fluid resistance at high temperatures and is ideal for demanding military, aerospace, aviation, automotive and harsh industrial applications.

It is resistant to diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, hydraulic fluid, lubricating oils, solvents and cleaning agents at long-term elevated temperatures of +150°C.

FiniTUBE SHDR is self extinguishing and meets MIL standards. This product is flexible with excellent abrasion resistant properties and has a 2:1 shrinkage ratio.

Available in black with supplied diameters from 3.2mm to 76.2mm, it is supplied unprinted on bulk spools.

TYCO DR-25 printed version is also available on request.

FiniTUBE SHDR datasheet. pdf icon