Your first choice for Heat Shrink Tubing

When it comes to high quality UL approved heatshrink tubing and sleeving, choose the specialist supplier that you can trust.  Choose products that will stand the test of time.  Choose next-day delivery and dedicated technical support.  Choose FiniSHRINK.

The FiniSHRINK range

Our range of heat shrink tubing is comprehensive – customise your tubing by product type, the internal diameter (1mm to 150mm+), the shrink ratio (2:1 to 4:1) and 12 different colours, supplied on bulk spools and our standard range of kits and packs.

At our packing and cutting facility in Swindon, heat shrink tubing is cut to length, packaged and labelled to your requirements. If you have an application requiring a high specification material or a customised size or colour then we can also assist in the manufacture and supply of specialist heat shrink sleeving.

Starburst of heatshrink sleeving

A history of excellence

For many years FiniSHRINK has produced and distributed heat shrink tubing products Worldwide. We have gained an enviable reputation for providing high quality product, a first class service and the most competitive prices in the industry.

This is achieved by having our R&D, Sales and Distribution facilities centrally based in Swindon in the UK with manufacturing strategically placed in the Far East, ensuring that we supply the highest quality product and service at the most economical cost. More information may be found in the About Us section.

Heat Gun in use

Approved, Accredited, Trusted

Today FiniSHRINK supplies a broad spectrum of customers from OEMs, distributors and electrical wholesalers, to end users and consumers, across a wide range of industries, from electrical and electronic, automotive, battery and marine to robotics and industrial.

Standards are high: FiniSHRINK heat shrink tubing products are manufactured from high quality irradiation cross-linked Polyolefin and meet UL specifications. All our products are RoHS compliant, come in a wide range of colours and the manufacturing processes are accredited to ISO9001. For all these reasons, you’ll come to depend on FiniSHRINK for your customised and off-the-shelf heat-shrink solutions.

FiniSHRINK’s heat shrink tubing is perfect for electrical insulation, colour coding, cable bundling, sleeving, waterproofing, mechanical, environmental and corrosion protection – whether it is required for professional, commercial or personal use.